Notification Wrapper

In a few of my projects I need to provide feedback using notifications, configurable by the user. What I need is a lightweight framework that allows a user to subscribe to notifications via various channels, e.g. growl, taskbar notification, email, sms, instant message, etc. Varying levels of severity, perhaps 5.

I’ve not researched this a huge amount, so there is likely something out there that can provide most of my requirements. Initial searches show up web service solutions, but I need this to be local to the client machine or network for some channels of notification.


  • Subscribe to notifications from various channels with various levels of severity (thinking logging conifgurations)
  • Fire notification events and let the framework handle distributing them to the subscribers


  • Configure new plugin wrapper via a configuration file – probably go down the Spring route for this
  • OSX growl implementation using a native libgrowl library
  • Windows growl implementation, libgrowl, using the java library that supports GNTP (Growl Network Transport Protocol)
  • Java 6 system tray integration for taskbar notifications – looks crap on OSX


Initial concept developed and working, but not a reusable library

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