JSTL Internationalisation

Some notes on how to get JSTL pages ready.


Inside a JSP page included on every other, for example a header jsp file.

<fmt:setLocale value="${param.locale}" scope="request" />
<fmt:setTimeZone value="${param.timeZone}" scope="request" />
<fmt:setBundle basename="Messages"/>

At your classpath root create a fallback localised file called Messages.properties in which to store key/value pairs. Files for other languages take the form of Messages_en.properties, Messages_en_US.properties, etc.

page.text.title=Page Title
page.text.message=Page Message
page.text.welcomeMessage=Welcome {0}
page.text.returnLink=<a href="{0}" title="Return">Return</a>


<h1>Page Title</h1>
<h1><fmt:message value="page.text.title"/></h1>

<h1>Welcome <c:out value="${person.name}"/></h1>
<h1><fmt:message value="page.text.welcomeMessage"><fmt:param value="${fn:escapeXml(person.name)"}/></fmt:message></h1>

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