Cue Sport Diagrams

If you’re creating diagrams of ball positions on a pool table it would be much easier if there was a dedicated tool rather than trying to use a paint package all the time. Whether you’re trying to show your friends a position from a recent frame or describing a practice routine, you’d need the same tools.

I came across a tool that does most of what you’d need, but it is based around US 9 ball tables. The tool is called Cue Table, although it is a bit buried within the forum section of the site.


  • Select a cue sport table to show the correct background (7×4 uk 8 ball, 6×3 uk 8 ball, etc)
  • Drag and drop balls into position on the backgrond image
  • Create line paths if ball movement needs to be displayed
  • Create multiple scenes within a diagram if the scenario is better illustrated with multiple steps


Draft version created and functional, below is a rough idea of the save format.

<diagram name="Yesterday" width="800" height="450">
  <scene name="Default">
    <background image="7x4_uk8ball.jpeg">
      <coord x="0" y="0"/>
    <icon name="red1" image="50mmRedBall.png">
      <coord x="100" y="150"/>
    <icon name="white1" image="50mmWhiteBall.png">
      <coord x="190" y="150"/>
    <path colour="red" arrowhead="end">
      <coord x="100" y="150"/>
      <coord x="790" y="155"/>
      <coord x="650" y="160"/>

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